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Given the long history of cycling as a sport and hobby, bicycle computers have become essential accessories for bikers. Whether for simply tracking speed and distance, monitoring the heart rate, or navigating routes and trails, bike computers provide an invaluable service for all cyclists. But to better enjoy the benefits of these devices, you’ll need the right bike computer mount to attach it to your handlebars.

So what are the best computer mounts available? To answer this question, it helps to consider a number of factors to determine the optimal mount for you and your activities. Since comfort, product quality, and compatibility are all factors to consider, we’ve compiled a list of the top five best bike computer mounts for you to review. We also go over the features that you should look out for and provide several tips to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Bike Computer Mounts

1. ForeMore Go-Kit Bike Computer Mount

The ForeMore Go-Kit Bike Computer Mount is designed to provide riders with an easy, yet secure, way to attach and adjust their bike computers. Compatible with most bicycle computers, there are several mounting options provided to make sure that your device is firmly held in place. In addition, its easy-to-use twist mount system helps you adjust the angle of the device within seconds. The mount is also waterproof and highly durable, making it perfect for those who will be cycling in wet or changing conditions.

2. Garmin Out-Front Mount

If you’re looking for durability and longevity in terms of your computer mounting system, then the Garmin Out-Front Mount is the perfect choice. Made of industrial-grade plastic material and designed for use with most Garmin Edge bike computers, this mount can take a lot of bumps and rough rides without breaking down. Thanks to its durable construction, the mount can also be easily detached from the bike when needed. Compatible with many other Garmin devices, it comes backed by a one-year warranty.

3. Barfly TT Mount

The Barfly TT Mount is an aerodynamic computer mount that is designed for use with a variety of different computers, including Garmin Edge models and other TT-oriented devices. Made from a lightweight yet strong ABS plastic, the mount helps to keep your device firmly in place over bumps and rough terrain, and also helps to reduce wind drag. Moreover, its quick-release attachment point makes it easy to slide your computer in or out when needed.

4. Bontrager Computer Mount

If comfort is a priority for you, then the Bontrager Computer Mount is worth considering. Designed to fit most stem and handlebar configurations, it’s the perfect mount for those who want to keep their computer at a comfortable viewing angle without tools or complicated installation. In addition, its large adjustment range helps you to move the mount for a better view and hide it behind the stem for a more aerodynamic ride.

5. K-Edge Wahoo Element Mount

Made from a solid aluminum, the K-Edge Wahoo Element Computer Mount is designed to provide bikers with a reliable and secure way to mount their devices. Compatible with computers from the Wahoo Element Series, the mount is constructed with shockproof material that provides extra protection from drops and falls. Moreover, its quick-release mount feature helps you to take off or attach your computer with ease.

Tips for Choosing the best bike computer mount for You

When it comes to finding the best computer mount, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision.

1. Decide what features are most important to you. Do you need a mount that offers extra shock-absorption or one that features a quick-release mount? Knowing which features you need will help you narrow your choices.

2. Look for a mount that fits your computer model. Most computer mounts are designed to fit specific models, so be sure to look for a mount that is compatible with the make and model of your computer.

3. Consider the weight of your computer mount. While most computer mounts are lightweight, there will be slight differences in overall weight. Generally, heavier mounts will provide more stability and might be the right option for those riding in rough terrain.

4. Look for a durable and adjustable construction. Not all computer mounts are created the same, so make sure to find one that offers a strong and adjustable construction for ultimate reliability.


When it comes to choosing the best bike computer mount for your biking needs, it’s important to consider your specific requirements. From durability and comfort to features such as shock-absorption, there are a range of options to choose from. Analyze the different features provided by the mounts on our list and find the one that fits your biking needs the best. With the right computer

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