Drop Bar: The Key to Speed and Distance in Cycling

Whether you’re a road cyclist or a mountain biker looking to go for a long ride, you may have heard about drop bar and how it could help improve your speed and distance. But what is a drop bar and how can it help a cyclist become faster and go for longer rides?

In simple terms, a drop bar is a type of handlebar that has a dropped shape that curves down from the stem of the bike towards the rider. The curved design of the drop bar offers a range of advantages compared to traditional flat or riser bars, including improved speed, control on descents, and greater aerodynamic efficiency.

When it comes to speed, drop bars allow riders to get a more powerful and efficient pedal stroke. The lower, curved shape of the drop bar also allows cyclists to get into a more aerodynamic position when riding, reducing drag and increasing speed. The dropped design of the bar also helps riders get wider and narrower hand positions for better gripping power on climbs and descents.

Drop bars also offer drivers more control and stability on descents. By allowing a rider to spread their weight more efficiently between their hands and forearms on more extreme downhills, the rider can better maintain their centre of gravity and control over the bike. This extra control can help riders maintain their speed through more challenging terrain, increasing the distance they can ride.

Drop bars are most commonly seen on road bikes, but there are also plenty of mountain bikes with drop bars. The lower, curved shape of the drop bars makes them more suitable for descents than flat or riser bars on a mountain bike. The added stability and greater aerodynamic efficiency offered by drop bars makes them an ideal choice for Mountain bikers looking to extend their ride distances.

Whether you’re a road biker or a mountain biker looking to push past previous horizons, a drop bar could be the key to unlocking greater speed and distance from your rides. So why not consider switching to a bike with drop bars today? You could be amazed at the difference that a drop bar can make to your rides.

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